Olfacto Sex Club

What we are?

Olfacto Sex Club is a place on the Internet where like minded people hang out, meet, exchange information about their fetish.

We welcome olfactophiles (attraction to body odours and natural smells during sex) and salophiles (sexual attraction to the salt found in body sweat).

We provide forums and dating services for those like-minded members along with London local sex events.

Read more about this on our Olfactophilia page.

What we aren’t!

Olfacto Sex Club DOES NOT welcome fetishes derived from scatophilia or sado-masochism.

We are strict about respect to other members. We condemn any abusive behaviour or degrading practice.

In our book, sex (and love making) are consensual acts where no party should ever inflict or receive any harm or degrading treatement.

Our members and values

We are very selective about our members. They include successful professionals and world individuals who truly have a passion and want to live their fetish in a safe, friendly, private and respectful environment.

We only select people who we feel genuinely want to live their fetish as part of their lives and who represent considerable value to other members.

We categorically refuse abusive, rude or disrespectful members. THIS IS NOT the place to unleash frustration or hatred. We value equality and diversity and condemn driscrimination.